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Teams that debrief effectively outperform others by 25%.

Debriefs work because they help teams learn from their experiences and self-correct over time. When done correctly, and with the proper science applied, debriefs can be extremely effective tools for enhancing team performance. Research shows that teams who conduct debriefs outperform others by an average of 25%!


About DebriefNow

DebriefNow is a web-based tool designed to guide team leaders, project managers, consultants, trainers and instructors in conducting quick, yet powerful debriefs that enhance team performance.

All team members can participate in a debrief, which may be guided by a team leader, facilitator, project manager, consultant or instructor.

Boost sales. Improve customer service. Decrease time to market. Yield better decisions. Enhance employee engagement.



gOE Continues Effort to Help NASA’s Mission to Mars

For several years, gOE has conducted research for NASA studying team resilience and adaptation. As part of this effort we are studying saturation dive teams who work in dangerous confined conditions, similar to the conditions experienced by astronauts.

Tips for Your “At-Home” Team

For several years, we’ve been studying teams as they live and work together in confined environments with little or no physical contact with “outsiders.”

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