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Most interesting man? No. Most interesting team researcher? Maybe.

Written by Scott Tannenbaum on .

Eduardo Salas, a Professor at the University of Central Florida and long-time “friend of gOE” was named the 2012 winner of the $50,000 Michael R. Losey, Human Resource Research Award by the Society of Human Resource Management. It is nice to see SHRM recognize a team researcher with this prestigious prize, as it underscores how important it is to understand team effectiveness.

Eduardo SalasEduardo is a prolific publisher of team research, and we’ve worked with him on many projects. If you search for his research you’ll find numerous articles, books, and chapters to help teams be successful – including how to turn a team of experts into an expert team (that’s an Eduardo-ism).

Congratulations Eduardo. You may not be the most interesting man in the world (that’s the gentleman in the Dos Equis commercial), but you have some interesting things to say about teams!