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gOE turns 30!

Written by Scott Tannenbaum on .

I usually write about research or experiences involving teams outside of gOE. But in this blog entry, I'll say a few words about our own team. This year we celebrate our company's 30th anniversary! Little did we know when we launched gOE in 1987 we'd have such a long, cool ride. gOE Logo large

Over the years, our team has been fortunate to have great clients...we've worked with business leaders, jet fighter pilots, admirals and generals, surgeons and nurses, coal miners, cruise ship employees (after the Costa Concordia sank), smoke jumpers (they parachute into fires), investment bankers, leaders at Crayola (they gave us a huge pack of crayons!), Tiffany store managers (shopped at the employee store), manufacturing teams at Frito (chips right off the production line taste great), drone experts, oil rig teams in the Gulf of Mexico and North Sea, pharmaceutical teams, and even astronauts. We've met many caring, smart, interesting people – too many to list. I believe we've helped them. I know we're better for having spent time with them.

My teammates at gOE are awesome. They are super smart, hard-working, and fun to be around. They are the reason gOE is celebrating 30 great years. And a big shout out to Becky Beard who has managed the firm with a steady hand, a sharp mind, and a big heart.

In addition to our employees and customers, we also have a great "outer circle" who have supported us, including people like Eduardo Salas, John Mathieu, and Diane Selleck.

For those of you who have hired us, worked with us, partnered with us, shared your insights with us, or are simply FOGs (Friends of gOE), thank you for supporting us on the journey!