On Teams:  A Blog About Team Effectiveness

“On Teams” - Welcome aboard.

Written by Scott Tannenbaum.

Hopefully you have had the experience of being on a few excellent teams in your life, at work or at play. Unfortunately, I suspect you have also been on teams that struggled. The difference is palpable. It is no fun being on a struggling team, and not simply because of the poor results. Being on a great team makes us appreciate working with others. Being on a struggling team can make us want to work in a cave.

So what makes a team effective? Do teams with more talent usually "win"? How important is the team leader? What can we do to jump start a new team and how can we turn around a struggling team? Which attitudes and cognitions matter? Do teams have a personality? Which "teamwork processes" drive team performance? What can we learn from work teams, medical teams, combat teams, sports teams, and even teams of astronauts?

In this blog, we'll explore questions such as these. My co-contributors and I will share our observations and experiences working with all sorts of teams. We will also explore research on team effectiveness – the "science" of teamwork (and yes, there is a science of teamwork!). Welcome aboard!