gOE helping NASA prep for mission to Mars

gOE, the team behind DebriefNow, is working on a three-year research grant from NASA to study how to best compose and develop long-duration space flight (LDSF) teams, for example, the crew that would fly a mission to Mars. Long-duration space missions present unique challenges, including some not even faced by prior space crews.

As part of this effort, gOE is examining the science of team composition and studying "countermeasures" to optimize team resilience, adaptability, and viability during a mission. As you might imagine, living and working in very close proximity to one another for several years, while being isolated from family, and experiencing communication lags with "headquarters" would create challenges for any team. Choosing the right team and helping them sustain their resilience is a key to the success of NASA's future space plans; and gOE is proud to help.

The APA Monitor, a publication of the American Psychological Association, described some of our research with NASA.