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What others are saying…

From Leaders and Consultants

“Our team leaders were amazed how the discussions stimulated by DebriefNow got to issues deeper and more quickly than any of the other approaches we’ve used in the past. And team members actually looked forward to the next DebriefNow session.”


Internal Consultant
Fortune 50 Organization

“DebriefNow enabled my leadership team to conduct our own constructive debriefs and identify tangible action plans to improve our effectiveness. We discussed important teamwork issues that we wouldn’t have surfaced without the tool.”

“tangible action plans”

Financial Institution

“After pilot testing DebriefNow, we adopted it for use with over 500 teams. It’s at the heart of our process for developing all our teams and boosting their effectiveness.”

“the heart of our process”

Fortune 100 Company

“We have 40 to 50 project teams in action per year. Before DebriefNow 7 to 10 of them would have serious difficulties. Now that they use DebriefNow, we only have 1 or 2 problem teams per year.”

“serious problem solver”

Business School

“We use DebriefNow with action learning teams in our leadership development programs. It reinforces what we teach, enables them to apply lessons learned from their action learning experiences, and helps prepare them for their leadership roles.”

“leadership builder”

Vice President Organizational Effectiveness
Insurance Company

“I’ve conducted DBN sessions with technology, finance, and leadership teams at several of my clients. The discussions it stimulates are illuminating, constructive, and powerful. It’s a great tool for consultants who work with teams.”


HR Expert
UK-Based Consultancy

From DebriefNow Session Participants…

“We felt better, more cohesive, more solid as a team after the DebriefNow discussions. It felt like we were working together more effectively after each session.”

“Fantastic tool – helped us gel as a team quicker than we would have otherwise.”

“This is exactly the right tool for our teams. We’re getting down to exactly what the team thinks…I’m very happy with the process and think it’s a great tool.”

“The software was good at flagging issues early and being preventative rather than reactive.”

“I wish there was a marriage version!”

“The tool gave us immediate feedback and stimulated a great conversation. We discussed things we would not have without the tool.”

“I’m a very conflict averse person, tough for me to make candid comments. The tool was useful because I felt comfortable answering anonymously, and then the discussion was structured; It was a door opener for me.”

“Everything in the tool was stated in non-inflammatory language, so our discussions were very positive.”