What Is a Debrief?

“Simply working together as a group doesn’t turn a bunch of people into an effective, productive, team.”

That’s where debriefing comes into play. A debrief is a simple, yet powerful tool that enables a team to self-correct, gel as a team, and enhance their performance.

During debriefs, team members reflect upon a recent experience, discuss what went well and identify opportunities for improvement. They attempt to build a common understanding—by clarifying roles, priorities and goals—remove obstacles to collaboration, and reach agreements about how to ensure future success.

When to Debrief

Debriefs can be conducted to review team experiences at any time—whether it’s early in a project, at the conclusion of a work shift, after a key event, or even as a periodic check-in to stay on track.

Who should Debrief

All team members can participate in a debrief, which may be guided by a team leader, facilitator, project manager, consultant or instructor.

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