DebriefNow FAQ

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It’s easy! To begin, simply purchase a pack of one or more debrief sessions. Your purchase comes with an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee, so its risk free.

For each debrief session, you will select a ready-to-use question set or create a customized set to fit your needs. You’ll receive a debrief code to share with team members who will use it to answer the questions. DebriefNow will then generate a customized debrief discussion guide based on the team’s responses.

During the purchase process, you will establish a username and password to access your account. You can be ready to go in just a few minutes. For additional information on the process, see How DebriefNow Works.

You can purchase packs of one, five, twenty or one hundred DebriefNow sessions. All packs provide you with the same capabilities but the larger the pack the lower the per session cost.

For example, with a five pack you can create and conduct five different DebriefNow sessions using the same or different question sets with up to five different teams. Debrief packs are valid for a year from the date of purchase.

If you are interested in purchasing more than 100 DebriefNow sessions, contact us at

DebriefNow works with most mobile devices that access the internet. DebriefNow detects if you are using a mobile device and displays a simple interface that can be used to set up a debrief session or answer questions. To create a customized question set, access a discussion guide, or manage your account you’ll need to log on to DebriefNow from a computer.

All of DebriefNow’s question sets and discussion points were developed by world-class experts in team effectiveness. Members of our team are leaders in the science of teamwork, publishing hundreds of scientific articles and chapters. Equally important, for the last 25 years we’ve worked extensively with management teams, project teams, sales teams, IT teams, boards of directors, service teams, and many other work teams. We’ve also worked with more “high-risk” teams such as medical teams, combat teams, oil rig teams, smoke jumpers, aviators, and aerospace crews. This history ensures that the content in DebriefNow is both scientifically valid and highly practical.

DebriefNow analyzes team members’ responses to a set of questions and quickly identifies potential “risks” or “gaps” that, if not addressed, can adversely affect the team’s performance. Some DebriefNow questions are designed to assess key teamwork behaviors, some assess team member agreement, and others assess awareness. The DebriefNow engine contains a series of powerful algorithms that calculate and equate the gaps across the different types of questions. DebriefNow’s innovative scoring system prioritizes a team’s risks and produces a customized discussion guide that focuses the debrief on specific issues that can hinder success.

Only the person creating a debrief session (the “debrief leader”) needs to register. Team members do not need to register. They just need the unique Debrief Code given to them by the debrief leader. Very simple!

You can enter a Debrief Code from any prior session for up to twelve months from the time it was set up, retrieve the debrief guide, and review the discussion areas that were targeted by DebriefNow at that time. You can even compare results from two prior debrief sessions to examine a team’s progress.

Yes, DebriefNow works quite well with distributed teams. You set up a debrief session, send the debrief code to team members via email, ask them to answer the questions, and schedule a time for the debrief. During the debrief, all team members are viewing the same discussion guide via the web, so the discussion remains focused despite the distance. You would converse using your usual phone/conference call system.

We will expand DebriefNow for use by additional types of teams based on user feedback. So let us know what you need! Share your ideas by contacting us at

If you are interested in having a customized “private label” version of DebriefNow that is specifically designed to support teams in your company or association, or if you are a consulting or leadership development firm who wants a version of DebriefNow that is uniquely suited to your practice, let us know. For example, there is a version of DebriefNow that is specifically designed for use by medical teams. To explore the possibilities, contact us at