DebriefNow vs. Web Surveys

Much more than an online survey or “average response” calculator, DebriefNow uses complex algorithms to assess and prioritize teamwork issues and provide targeted discussion topics that drive improvement.

This can take the form of identifying and resolving misunderstandings or inaccuracies about process, procedures and team expectations—or uncovering and removing obstacles to collaboration.

Web Surveys DebriefNow
Team members answer questions     Team members answer questions
Pre-existing, customizable question sets that target team effectiveness     Works for all styles and types of teams
Risks to team effectiveness flagged and prioritized     More than just averages; provides innovative scoring algorithms that identify and prioritize risks to team
Set up, complete, and discuss results in minutes     Takes just seconds to set up, minutes to complete, and provides instant results
Guides team through structured debrief discussion     Includes customized debrief guide in multiple formats
Designed to promote team learning and improvement     Based on the science of team effectiveness